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Title: "The Mediator - Heaven Sent"

Author: Meg Cabot

Publication: Macmillan Children Book's

Genre: Mystery

Total Pages: 212

Date Checked Out: 23.12.2010

'When do I plan on reading my book? And how long will I read this book everyday?'

I'm planing to read my book, for an a half hour everyday, and on my free time. In addition, sometimes when I read a book, I get so in to the book, that I don't look at the time at all. I sometimes can read for hours.

I'm planing to read the book usually at home, in my room, because it's the most quite room in the house, and I have my privacy in my room, so my family knows not to interrupt me when I ask them not to.

'What About This Book Makes Me Think I Might Enjoy It?'
This book seems very interesting and mysterious. I love books with mystery and that we need to find out all kind of things with the hero of the story. My sister read this book, and she is the reason why I started reading it, because she said it's such a good book, that I have to read it.