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Title: "The Twilight Saga: New Moon"

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Publication: Little, Brown

Genre: Mystery, Romance

Total Pages: 563

Date Checked Out: 31.1.2011

'When do I plan on reading my book? And how long will I read this book everyday?'

I'm planing to read my book, for an a half hour everyday, and on my free time. In addition, sometimes when I read a book, I get so in to the book, that I don't look at the time at all. I sometimes can read for hours.

I'm planing to read the book usually at home, in my room, because it's the most quite room in the house, and I have my privacy in my room, so my family knows not to interrupt me when I ask them not to.

'What About This Book Makes Me Think I Might Enjoy It?'
This book seems very interesting and mysterious. I love books with mystery and that we need to find out all kind of things with the hero of the story. I also read the first book of the series, and I loved it, so I am pretty sure I will like this too.

Book Review

This book is a series while in the first book, we meet a girl named Bella who moves to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. There she meets Edward, an immortal vampire, and falls in love with him. As the story goes, she finds out what he is, and as the series continue, their relationship becomes more complicated and hard. Basically the story is about their impossible relationship, and the obstacles they face. The protagonist is Bella, and the antagonist in this specific book of the series, is the Vulteri, which is a powerful vampire coven that in one point of the story forbids Edward's and Bella's relationship. Jacob Black is another boy in the neighborhood, which is a werewolf. Jacob is in love with Bella from the moment she arrived, and in this book he is there for Bella a lot more than Edward is, which makes her confused by thinking who, would she like to be with more. This series of these books are a huge success in the United States and all over the world. They have been written by a very talented author named Stephenie Meyer. The other books of the series are: Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Down. Stephenie Meyer's language is professional and high leveled, though still she keeps a teenager language, as the main characters are teenagers. She uses mostly all literary terms, and also includes in the book drama, romance, humor and much more. I would recommend this book mostly to all teenagers, because even though this book includes characters which don’t exist in our life, like vampires and werewolves, this is a story about a hard keeping relationship, which also happens a lot in real life to lots of teenagers. Also, I would recommend this book to people who are older, because the book is really interesting and mysterious that while you start reading, you can't stop.

Reading Contract

I will read my book for half an hour every day, while I'm on the bus on my way to school, in my room, and in study hall.

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I am currently on page 213.


In the beginning of the book series, we meet two main characters, Bella and Edward, who are in love with each other. Bella is a mortal who moves to Forks, Washington, there she meets a handsome young boy, Edward, which later in the story, is discovered to be a vampire. In the beginning of this book, 'New Moon', it's Bella's birthday, where Edward takes her to his house for a surprise party, with his whole family. During the party, Bella opens her presents and gets a paper cut, and there is blood coming out from her finger. Soon enough, Jasper, Edward's brother, gets tempted by the smell of the blood, and starts running towards her, while Edward is fast enough to push him away. Edward doesn't want Bella to get hurt because of him, so he tells her that the whole family is leaving away from Forks, and that it will be like he never existed, which breaks Bella's heart. Bella is in deep depression for several months, and she has nightmares every night. After some time, she starts hanging out more with her old friend Jacob, and that is when she finds out, that every time that she does something stupid, or not responsible, which gives her adrenalin, Edward's voice tries and tells her to stop whatever she is doing. She misses him so much, so she keeps on doing silly stuff, and she feels great every time she hears his voice. I got this far in the book, and I am sure, that lots of more trouble is going to come in Bella's life.

I personally think that my book is very interesting, credible, and mysterious. There is always drama going on, and there is very good humor included in it, which makes the book even better. I see the characters as very credible, because it seems as they always say what they think, and feel. I think Bella, is the most credible character, because us, the readers, can notice and see what she feels, and what she wants most of the time. The element in the book I like the most is that the author always uses honesty, and shows us exactly how the character feels. Sometimes, people can find it boring that the character is describing how they feel, but this author, Stephenie Meyer, writes it so good, and interesting, that you can't stop. The element I like less in the book is that there are a lot of unrealistic characters in the book, although maybe those are the things that make the story better.

Independent Reading

Bella Swan
A. 1, 2 and 3.

1. Clumsy – What the character does.
"I gasped, and my hand fell off the clutch."

2. Stubborn – What the character does.
"I drove to La Push determined to wait. I'd sit out front of his house all night if I had to."

3. Bad liar – What the other characters say about Bella.
"I pretended to be dense, looking down at the table."

4. Sarcastic sense of humor – What the character does.

5. Observant – What the character does.
"Instead, I went straight upstairs and turned on my computer. I found a medical site online and typed 'mononucleosis' into the search box."

6. Shy – What the character does and what other characters say about Bella.
"But, worse than that, this was sure to involve attention and gifts."

B. Bella Swan is a teenage girl who moved to live with her dad in Forks, Washington. She meets Edward Cullen, who later is discovered to be a vampire. She strongly falls in love with him, and he is the most important thing for her. During her birthday party, she gets a paper cut, which caused some blood, and Edward's brother, Jasper tries to attack her. Edward understands that his relationship with Bella can cause her to be in danger so he decides to leave Forks. He does a mistake and tells her that he doesn't love her anymore, in an attempt to make his leaving not hard for her. Bella gets into a deep depression for months, and becomes very lonely and sad. She stopped talking with her friends and by her words, she feels emptiness without Edward. After going out, she discovers that each time she does something irresponsible or stupid; Edward appears and tells her to stop. She starts to look for things that can give her adrenalin, and she does more and more of them, just to make Edward to appear in front of her. Bella hopes that one day she will become a vampire like Edward so she can live with him forever and never grow old.